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Easter Jello Eggs For Preschool To Teach Colors

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When working with preschool-aged kids, you have to make learning fun and take advantage of every chance that you have to teach them something. One thing that many preschoolers enjoy learning about is colors. They love using colors to create things and finding out what happens when you mix colors together to make other colors. With Easter approaching, you may be looking for a treat for your preschoolers to enjoy that is Easter themed and will get their little minds racing. One snack that you can make that can intrigue them is multi-colored egg-shaped jello.

Supply List

  • Plastic eggs – without holes
  • Egg cartons – to hold the jello filled eggs as they set
  • Multiple colors of jello
  • Boiling water
  • Pointed scissors or a drill
  • Cooking spray
  • Syringe

Make the Molds

Begin by making the molds. If you had luck finding the plastic eggs without holes, you are in luck. All you will need to do is puncture a hole in the top of each one. If you didn't have such luck, you will need to seal all of the holes with hot glue, except one on top that you will make slightly larger to make it easier to fill the egg with liquid jello. 

Get Started

Now that the holes are drilled, spray the inside of each egg with cooking spray and set them with the hole-side up in the egg cartons.

Mix one standard box of jello with a half cup of boiling water and mix it well.

Fill the syringe with the liquid jello and insert a bit of jello with the first color.

Put the eggs in the fridge to set for about 15 minutes as you prepare the next color of jello.

After the jello has set, remove the eggs from the fridge and insert a bit of the next color of jello, then return the eggs to the fridge.

Continue this process until you have filled the eggs completely with all of the colors.

Note: To give the jello eggs a healthier twist, you can mix greek yogurt with some of the colors. This will create a different color and give the kids a little something healthy for their snack.

Remove the Jello from the Eggs

After the eggs have set in the fridge overnight, gently crack the eggs open and remove the jello from inside. Since you coated the inside of the egg with cooking spray, each jello egg should fall right out of the mold. Store them in the clean egg cartons and take them to class to present the children with an egg of many colors for their Easter treats.