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How Prepared Are You And Your Child For Preschool?

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Many parents wonder if their child is ready to enter preschool. It's true some children aren't ready for any number of reasons. If you're concerned about your child's readiness early learning classes, here's a few considerations that can help you figure it out.

Are You Ready for Your Child to Enter Preschool?

Your own readiness will dictate your child's readiness. Many parents have trouble with letting their children go off to any place without them. Are you the type to suffer from severe separation anxiety? Are you prepared to work on both your own and your child's preparedness?

What you can do

There's several things you can do to help with your own readiness. Try spending some time away from your child, if possible. For example, leave your child with a trusted family member for an evening. This can help figure out how you might feel about your child spending time elsewhere without you for a short amount of time.

This can also help your child become accustomed to the same thing, which will help to develop their independence. Children need a certain amount of independence for preschool.

You can also speak to the staff and faculty of the preschool to help put you at ease. The preschool will likely require that you come in and meet everybody. You will also most likely exchange numbers with your child's teacher and remain in contact with him or her.

Can Your Child Keep Up with Other Children?

Preschool tends to tie learning in with a lot of physical activity. If your child cannot keep up with play, activities, and other children, then he or she will not get as much out of preschool as they should.

What you can do

Encourage your child to become more active. Play games that require more physical movement and running around. You don't have to make it strenuous, but you'll want your child to have enough energy and stamina to make it through a few hours with no problems.

Can Your Child Independently Use the Potty?

The ability to know when and how to use the bathroom is a very important skill for your child to have. It's a requirement for many preschools as well. If your child has fallen behind with their potty training, or if they need some time to refine their toilet use, try to work on it far before signing up for preschool.

What you can do

There's various approaches to potty training. You may need to find the approach that will work best with your child. There's a lot of advice out there on how you can go about doing just that.

Did You Thoroughly Review the School's Requirements?

Nothing else will matter if you don't meet the requirements set by the school. It's very important that you find out early what the school needs you to do for enrollment. The requirements can vary depending on the preschool you want your child to attend.

Generally, preschool requirements will center on the age range of your child, documents required for registration, and possibly vaccinations. However, you shouldn't guess at the requirements, go straight to the source for information on what you may need. For more information, contact establishments like Sammamish Montessori School.