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Take The Stress Out Of Homeschooling Your High School Student

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COVID has many parents looking into other options for educating their child. School districts are bouncing between being in school, hybrid, and remote learning. A child should have a constant schedule and routine, so this is an ideal time to consider homeschooling. The idea is not as scary for grade school-aged students as it is for high school. However, there are steps to making the transition easier for everyone.

Getting Started

The following are the steps you need to take when getting started with homeschooling.

  1. Know the state laws and requirements
  2. Know your child's learning habits and develop a method that suits them
  3. Know your child's passions and post-school plans
  4. Find or create a curriculum

How to Homeschool High Schoolers

Teaching grade school students can seem overwhelming and high school students impossible. However, when you begin to put your mind back on the problems you had through high school, it becomes easier to instruct them. The main part is to remember to have patience and use support. As you continue down this path, you will build a relationship with your teenager that cannot be broken. Online high school courses should be approached with the following methods.

  • Keep it interesting – As long as you keep your child's interests, teaching will not be as difficult
  • Build-in options – Traditional schools allow children to pick classes, so make sure that option remains in homeschooling
  • Utilize different learning methods – Education can come in the form of online videos and classes, as well as field trips, books, and hands-on studies
  • Socialize – Find people in your community that are also homeschooling so your child can still socialize
  • Learn with them – Do not be afraid to struggle with them and learn the topic, normalize the learning process

Important Things to Keep in Mind

When you are teaching a young child, the importance is learning the basics. However, when you are teaching a teenager, you are preparing them for life. State requirements for high school ensure they are prepared for any career field, but traditional schools cannot truly tailor to your child's desires. This is where homeschooling is unique. You take a curriculum and customize it to meet your child's specific needs and passions. If you are worried about making sure you meet state requirements, then select an online homeschooling curriculum that fits a method you have chosen.  You can then add to the plan with specific online classes to make sure your child is fully prepared for the college path they want. The benefit to using a set online curriculum is the records are kept for you.

The effort put into homeschooling intensifies as your child enters high school. With a vast number of resources available online now, it has become easier. Taking this journey will help bring you closer to your teenager, and an online curriculum will assist in keeping the sanity in the process.