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Benefits Of A Private High School

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Young women benefit greatly from a great education. Not only does a good education develop skills that will allow them to be financially independent,  but it also creates a lifelong love of learning that gives them the freedom not available to many women generations ago. A private girl's school costs significantly more than a public school, but in a lot of ways, it's worth it. Learn more about the benefits of sending female students to a private high school.  

Freedom of Religious Expression

The federal government requires public schools to enforce a separation of church and state. Essentially, this means that public schools cannot promote one religious ideology over others. One example includes prohibiting students from reciting the Lord's Prayer in school. Private high schools allow religious doctrine in the curriculum. You can find private schools that cater to most religions, including Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, and Islam (to name a few). Children will develop their spiritual intelligence and learn how to incorporate religion into their daily schedules. Students will also be encouraged to follow the moral code put in place by a particular religion. 

College Prep 

Public high schools must accommodate a wider range of students of various backgrounds and development levels. In some cases, the students at the bottom end of the spectrum hinder progress for the more advanced children. Private school students outperform public school students on standardized tests. This could be in part due to the smaller class sizes found in most private schools, allowing teachers to give students more personal attention. 

Female Empowerment 

In the case of an all girl's private school, female students will learn in an environment specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of female students. Many female private schools have STEM programs that encourage women to pursue careers in the fields of math and science, fields once predominantly populated by males.  Female students will also have the ability to develop relationships with strong female role models in both students and staff. These relationships can turn into valuable social opportunities down the road. 

Controlled Social Circle

Children can stray when they get entangled with the wrong crowd. While not every child will be a positive role model for your child in private school, the social circle is much more controlled than in a public school environment. You will also have more opportunities to meet the parents of your student's friends. 

Most female students will succeed whether they go to public school or private school, but private school provides a substantial upper hand.

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