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A Sparkling Smile: Tips For Success On A Book To Encourage Children To Brush Their Teeth

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While adults may not think twice about regularly brushing their teeth, this process may not be so easily accepted by young children. While a strong commitment to brushing teeth twice a day can be enforced by parents, children may still need additional encouragement to take part in the practice willingly. Through an educational book that focuses on hygiene, children will enjoy reading and examining visuals that showcase the benefits and practice of brushing one's teeth. Here is a look into some elements that will make for a successful hygiene book for children to both educate and encourage them to brush their teeth daily. 

Children's books that feature easy-to-follow language and bright visuals often grab the attention of their readers fairly quickly. Though the tooth-brushing ritual may at first be a dreaded affair, a book that catches their eye and attention will surely cause enough curiosity to check out more. Visuals should be easy for the child to follow. For example, a page describing tools such as toothbrushes, floss and a sink will make for an excellent way for children to understand where they are expected to brush their teeth and what to use. Additionally, a step-by-step tutorial can show children how to move the brush around their teeth, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning each time. 

Emphasizing the importance of including brushing one's teeth in relation to overall hygiene is another excellent lesson for children to learn. The hygiene book can stress how brushing one's teeth in the morning and before bed can help form healthy habits that lead to greater health and overall well-being. This will encourage children to not only want to take better care of their teeth, but also find other ways in which they can excel at keeping up with hygiene. Including information regarding preventative care will help children understand that brushing teeth not only helps freshen breath, but also prevents cavities from forming. 

While it may certainly take several attempts to get a child to willingly brush their teeth, the most important thing for parents to remember is to simply be consistent and patient. Making tooth brushing a regular part of their child's morning and evening routine will soon develop into an expected process that the child will eventually pick up on. Using a hygiene book with a focus on teeth brushing beforehand will prepare the child for what they can expect and is an excellent opportunity to read about the importance of maintaining one's hygiene. 

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